Private IPA Photo Workshops (One-to-one)


Contact Us for Enquiries and Bookings.

IPA offers personalised one-to-one workshops for individuals who wish to learn photography in a more intimate setting. 

IPA photography workshops in Asia are instructed by experienced photographers, artists and industry peers. Workshops include intensive street photography courses, editorial and documentary photo courses, portraiture and photo essay/project craft workshops across Asia. Available for beginners, intermediate or advanced photographers.

Dates and schedules for Private Workshops will be arranged with the participant upon registration and confirmation based on availability of instructors and mentors. Minimum hours required for registration is 2 hours. Each private workshop will be approximately 2 to 4 hours per session depending on needs and requirements. 

For enquiries on our private one-to-one workshops, contact us at

*Fees are for workshop only, non-refundable, and do not include travel, accommodation and miscellaneous expenses.

Payment can also be made in cash at the IPA Gallery, 77 South Bridge Road #02-01 Singapore 058707

NOTE: By registering for an IPA Workshop, you accept our Terms & Conditions.

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