KODAMA, Hajime Kimura


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1ST PRIZE WINNER of the Invisible Photographer Asia Photo Book Award 2013

This photographic story is the first subject matter that Japanese photographer Hajime would challenge himself to portray. The trigger to his passion dates back to a decade ago, when he was just 21 years old. Sitting in the college library he stumbled upon a book that portrayed the life of an ancient Japanese people living in mountainous ranges, only 30 years ago. The tribe was described as being quite apart from the Japanese society as we know it today. The book left a deep impression that marked him for life…  This 56-page memory is richly overflowing with the recollections of Hajime’s 5 years spent living, between 2007 and 2011, with that very tribe, the MATAGI.

Publication Details

Artist/Author: Hajime Kimura
Publisher: Mado-sha Publishing Co. Ltd, Japan
ISBN: 4896251156
Size: 29.2x30cm, Hardcover
Incl. Special 16.5x12cm Print

Condition: Brand New, Artist-Signed with 16.5x12cm Art Print.

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